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Build a fucking chimney
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in andy abbott's LiveJournal:

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Friday, October 27th, 2006
11:07 am
new website for related project developments is

Thursday, May 25th, 2006
4:24 pm
i spent some time this afternoon laying out the photos and scans of the tickets and the original questionnaire relating to my visit to milan cathedral. it was done using an A3 document on photoshop.
Monday, May 22nd, 2006
9:11 am
Last night I managed to save 18 photos to my computer from a usb stick, which had been downloaded from Yvonne’s flash new phone, which had been transferred to her phone from my phone via Bluetooth connection in a pub, which had been sent as picture messages from Michael upon our return from Europe at the start of may, which were originally taken on his phone by me on april 13 as my phone had run out of batteries and the digital camera we had on the tour was also out of order. the photos are of a walk around the roof of the cathedral in Milan with focus on the architecture, in particular the towers. I also saved the 2 euro ticket number 30211 which tells me that I visited the cathedral at 11:06am.

From my memory it was stinking hot and clear, the staircase that we walked up to reach the roof was tightly wound but we didn’t have to pass many other tourists on the way up. At the end of the staircase you exit on to a lower level of the cathedral roof, the outer periphery. I took photos of the towers and the views across the city which stretch to the horizon on all sides. Mike took a photo of me looking enthusiastic with thumbs up. I took photos of the detail on some of the archways before we walked up another set of stairs (this time outdoor) to reach the central spine of the carthedral’s roof. We walked around, some people were sat on blocks on the roof that act as benches. Sometimes it felt like you could fall off. Some scaffolding was up around a feature being repaired by Italian men who spat and sang. We walked up a final set of steps to bring us around to the thin end of the cathedral. From here I was closest to some towers and took phone photos. The city stretched to the horizon on that side too. We walked back to the middle of the roof and had a look on the opposite wide side we had not yet explored. I took some photos of statues of figures on the tops of towers, then we walked back down the stairs and left.
Friday, March 24th, 2006
6:48 pm
yesterday afternoon and part of the evening was spent laying out photos from wednesday's walk on a photoshop document. it involved going through the edited photo's from the walk, changing the size of the images and transferring them to an A3 sheet. after that i arranged them on the sheet, added the text from the livejournal entry from wednesday and scans of the letter from keith and the map i used to navigate myself. then i layed all the bits out and flattened them.

this morning i scanned all the photocopied pages from the issue of 'builder' and 'the architect' i got from the local studies library. then, using photoshop, i copied and pasted the images and sections of text to create two A3 documents. one was made soley from the issue of the builder, the other from the article 'our rambler in leeds' and a letter of response to the article in the builder, and a letter of response to the article in 'the architect'. in the afternoon i took a usb stick with all the documents on to hobbs printers next to the swimming pool. they gave me a quote of £52.88 for 3 A2 prints. i accepted and went to mail boxes etc on great george st to have the remainder of the images printed on A3 paper. the quote was 15p a copy so i got two of each. around 4:30pm i picked up the prints from hobbs and then picked up the prints from mailboxes etc.
Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
12:54 pm
this morning i spent a couple of hours going through the 220 phographs from yesterday's walk. i edited them down in to various folders.

'start of walk' has 6 items

'chinese to york rd' has 8 items

'start of york rd' has 10 items

'ace chimney' has 7 items

'seacroft to halton' has 5 items

'bridge photos' has 17 items

going bacvk through the photo's i was reminded that the flowers by the brige were for Ricky and that the bridge was the responsibility of Mills and Allan.
Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
4:07 pm
last night i searched for a map of the area outlined by Keith Asquith in his letter suggesting i would be interested in ' the stone work that is constructed under the arch that supports the bridge carrying the leeds to york railway line at the junction the A64 york road A63 selby road leeds 9'. after finding some useable maps i printed them off and stapled the sheets together.

at 12pm today i began a walk from Millenium Square (looking on to the electric press chimney), i had a sandwich in my bag and a camera i had borrowed from LCAD around my neck. i followed the map down the headrow taking photos of some of the chimneys on the way. i walked down through the car park near the chinese quarter and took some snaps of the chimneys that look like silhouettes of hunched monks. at the bottom of eastgate i took some photos of the view up the headrow and of the giant ornament on the top of quarry house. i then walked past the bus station and towards york road where i started to consult the map. i followed the railway bridge on to york rd stopping to take some photos of the old public bath and library building. around the area were some dead flowers tied to a fence which i photographed. i carried up along york road, passing two red-faced beardy tramps drinking skol outside the irish centre. eventually i hit an area that i thought might be the a63 but map consultation proved it wasn't. there were a few other chimneys on route, one looking like a scaled down electric press which i took pictures of for a while, and a huge chimney on the far side of a football field which i detoured to photograph, there were a lot of gulls there. carrying along york road up past harehills lane i passed an old office i once visited for a betting job. i followed signs for the a63 but was distracted by another chimney on the horizon meaning i passed the junction for selby road and carried on walking up to seacroft. at the hospital there was a clock that looked like a german ornament that i photograped and a boring chimney in a wood. also i passed a cemetery that looked good with the blue sky, so i shot that. eventually i came to a sign for the a63 and turned right off the a64, further down i realised it was crossgates road and i was off route. i decided to have a little derive around crossgates and follow the railway line back to the original destination. this took me through halton where i looked at nice houses, ate my sandwich and bought a kit kat from a small newsagents staffed by a young indie kid. at the bottom of chapel rd i was taken back on to the a63, in the distance i could see the railway bridge and took some landscape shots. when i reached the bridge it was 2:30pm. i waited for a train to pass over it and took an action shot. on the left of the bridge there were many bunches of flowers tied to a fence. i took photos of them and read some of the notes, they were in memory of a man who died in 2003. while i was taking photos of flowers i noticed a cat that looked stuffed on the railwaybank. it was black and white and scraggy. it looked bored when i took photos of it. then i used the rest of the space on the camera taking photos at various angles of the bridge. the stonework was very twisty and clever but bits were leaking and covered in moss. on the a64 side of the bridge was a plaque with the name of the bridge architects and some pro BNP/anti IRA graffitti. when there was no room left on the camera i walked to the nearest bus stop and spent £1.70 getting home.
Monday, March 20th, 2006
10:43 pm
late this afternoon i visited the university media services where they printed an A3 version of my Electric Press Chimney poster as a transparancy and an A3 version of my Canned Chimney labels. then i visited the leeds college of art and design print room where mick prepared a screen and cut nice paper. roger mixed a royal air force blue. once the screen was dry, mick set up the printing bench and knocked off prints at speed. i also did a few. then, after waiting for the 20 or so prints to dry mick wrapped them up in newsprint and i took them home. later, after cutting out and gluing the double sized label to my oversized can of chimney pulp, yvonne took some photo's of it looking commercial.
Friday, March 17th, 2006
1:55 pm
last night i spent an hour laying out a step by step guide of the clay chimney creation on an A4 photoshop document and altering the text on the Electric Press Chimney poster image.. then this morning i spent a couple of hours scanning and laying out the images i collected from the directories in the local studies library. again on photoshop A4 documents.
Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
4:36 pm
this morning i received an invoice from promocan for £97.53. i made a cheque out and posted it later in the morning.

this afternoon i took the 35 sheets of labels to a copy shop in leeds university union where they trimmed and cut them for free. afterwards i returned home and spent an hour gluing the labels to the 100 cans of chimney pulp. then i put all the cans back in the 2 boxes they were delivered in.
Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
9:24 pm
at 9:57 this morning 2 packages containing 100 cans of chimney pulp were delivered to my house. the cans are gold coloured and the size of baked bean tins except for one silver one that is twice the size. they all have ring pull tops. following delivery i spent the morning adjusting the sheet of labels i had designed on photoshop, adding and eventually removing some hand drawn text. instead i found a replacement font on the internet called helena which is pretty. i also added hand drawn text to an image of the electric press chimney with a frame. in the afternoon i dropped a usb stick off at mail boxes etc on great george st in town and returned 40 minutes later to print out the designs. they phtocopied 35 sheets of labels and an a3 acetate copy of the framed print for £5 exactly.
Saturday, March 11th, 2006
12:16 pm
today i received email confirmation that my package 'was delivered on 10-03-2006 at 14:08' and is now safely in the hands of promocan.
Thursday, March 9th, 2006
1:39 pm
this morning i wrote a brief letter to tom at promocan, printed 2 copies and put it in the boxes with the tubs of chimney mulch. it was this;





Hi Tom,

Enclosed are two tubs of my papier mache type matter to be canned. There should be another package identical to this if all has gone to plan with Parcelforce. By my maths, there should be enough ‘matter’ to fill each can with 350 to 400ml. If there is any left over then you are free to do what you will with it. I wouldn’t recommend putting it anywhere near your mouth and maybe consider handling it with gloves (and dust mask if you are especially cautious). Thanks very much for this, I look forward to receiving the finished product and will provide plenty of snaps and quotes,

Yours sincerely


then i used the rest of the role of parcel tape to tape up both packages and stacked them in the front room awaiting parcelforce collection.

between 9:30 and 11 i used photoshop to make a label for the cans. it took a lot of print outs and small alterations to ensure it wrapped around a tin of tomatoes correctly.

at 1:22pm i went downstairs to find a card from parcelforce informing that they had come to collect at 1:20pm. i called the depot and made sure 'phil' came back to re-collect. he did at 1:40pm.
Wednesday, March 8th, 2006
9:11 am
Yesterday In the morning I went to the Co-op and asked a staff if there were any spare boxes. She got me 2 cuisine de france boxes from the bakery in the back. Later on in the day I taped up the bottoms, filled them with scrunched up newspaper and 2 tubs of chimney pulp each. I cut my finger open whilst I was doing it so there is a bit of blood on one of the boxes. Then in the evening I spent an hour photoshopping a high contrast picture of the electric press chimney and adding curved text that says ‘The Electric Press Chimney. Since 1847. J. Clarke.’ then a bit more time doing a version with a border.

this morning i measured up the boxes and arranged over the internet for them to be delivered to Promocan through Parcelforce with a total cost of £21.13.
Sunday, March 5th, 2006
4:14 pm
this afternoon i spent an hour designing labels for cans of chimney and wrote a blurb for the back like this:

Contents: Andy Abbott’s Electric Press Chimney replica remnants. 400ml.

In May 2005 Andy Abbott built a 15 ft tall replica of the Electric Press chimney from thousands of card bricks he had made by hand over the previous 3 months. Then, after a few people had come to look at it, he climbed up a ladder and sawed it into little pieces. Then after that, he collected all the debris and mushed it up in big buckets with water and a little sweat. Then he asked promocan.co.uk to put the pulp in cans, and that’s what this is.

Approx value unknown. RRP £5.

Saturday, March 4th, 2006
3:17 pm
on the a walk i realised i got my maths wrong, i will need to send 4 tubs to make sure there is enough for 100 cans. 3 or 4 tubs is the same price to be couriered next day with interparcel titan; £20 plus VAT. parcelforce is around £22 for 2 day delivery.
2:21 pm
this afternoon i used some quick maths to work out that each tub in my basement holds approx 12 936ml of chimney pulp, meaning i should only need to send one tub to fill 100 cans with 350-400ml of mulch. it is foul smelling. i checked courier quotes and should get one tub delivered for £8.99 plus VAT.
12:26 pm
this morning i received a package from Clifford Stead of Headingley, Leeds. it contained a letter regarding the article in the yorkshire evening post in which was written 'i totally agree with what you are saying', and a few prints of paintings of leeds architecture by Clifford, some on cards with 'aspects of leeds' written on the back. the paintings are fictional landscapes of leeds using real architecture as source material. the letter also stated that Clifford would be 'interested to see your 15 foot replica of the chimney', so i included a copy of the 'half scale card maquette..' dvd with my letter of response which i posted around 12pm. Clifford also wrote that a property developer called Roland Stross was responsible for saving and restoring the Electric Press building.
Friday, March 3rd, 2006
3:39 pm
just after 3pm i received a phone call from Tom at Promocan. we discussed options for putting my chimney pulp in cans, he kindly summarised the conclusions in an email immediately afterwards.

Nice to talk.
To confirm price for 100 MidiCan, plain ends fitted filled with your
substance (!) no label applied - 58p each.
Carriage we charge "at cost" which would be no more then £25.
These prices subject to VAT and we'd expect payment "by return upon
of invoice".
Have a good weekend.
Await news of arrival!

the cans can hold roughly 350ml of pulp. i was also given a contact for Tin Paint Products who can supply tins to hold cds; that being samantha on 01179586888.
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
12:18 pm
in today's issue of the yorkshire post the letter of response i wrote was printed on page 12 in full. The title was 'Situations vacant for interesting work with chimney man' and next to the letter was a small close-up of my smirking face captioned 'Andy Abbott'.
Monday, February 27th, 2006
11:36 am
this morning i received a letter from Keith Asquith of Leeds 9 that went like this,

Dear Sir

I enjoyed your recent article in the y.e.p and like to suggest you might be interested in the stone work that is constructed under the arch that supports the bridge carrying the leeds to york railway line at the junction the A64 york road A63 selby road leeds 9
Every stone twists and turns to form a perfect arch.Each stone would have been cut dressed raised and walled by hand What an engineering achievement in its day I reckon this bridge must be over 150 years old and millions of tons rail freight has been carried over it A sign of true workmanship

Yours keith
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